Join outdoor sports so you get a good health

Outdoor sports bring you a good health

November 28, 2014
by Steven J. Reid

Top four best gaming chairs 2014

  1. Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Eco Leather Seat

Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Eco Leather Seat is voted to be the best gaming chair for video playing gamer in 2014. Actually, this chair is produced for managers and extremely suitable for office space. However, many game players are in favour of it and turn this manager chair into a gaming chair. Even though the chair is not originally made for gaming space, when being placed in video playing room, it totally matches and attributes to an amazing gaming space. Let’s take a look at its strength and weakness when using.

  • Strength:
  • With the eco leather seat, Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair guarantees the user with breathability and comfort.
  • It is easy to modify the height of this gaming chair so that it can be fitted with the user in any tallness.
  • Beside, the arms of the chair are connectable and movable so that depending on your favor, you can connect it to the body of the chair or not.
  • Weakness: this chair has almost all the most favorite strength of many other expensive models of gaming chair, beside, it also have the eco leather seat as a unique feature. As a result, it costs the earth. However, in comparison with other superior gaming chair models, it is a bit cheaper but the quality is greater. Moreover, its shape is quite big, it is hard to place inner a small room because that might make the room some how narrowed.

In conclusion, Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Eco Leather Seat is a good choice that you should take under high consideration if you are searching for an excellent gaming chair.

  1. Executive office chair for gaming of Lorell

The second favourite gaming chair in 2014 is Executive office chair for gaming of Lorell. Although this chair is called Executive office chair, it is actually manufactured for gamer. Like any other gaming chair, when using, users have to take both advantages and disadvantages of the chair. There are some pros and cons of this chair.

  • Pros:
  • Almost all gamer often spends hours in gaming room to get the trophy of the game or win the final level. During this time, they often sweat a lot. Therefore, they always consider breathability of a gaming chair when they purchase one. This is also the point that make Executive office chair for gaming of Lorell become best seller of this brand and be preferred by many gamers.
  • This gaming chair also impresses buyer by the design of ergonomic back which allow natural curvature for users’ spine.
  • As many other gaming chair, the height of the chair is variable and the width of it is changeable as well.
  • The cheaper price in comparison with many famous gaming chair producing brands is also an attractive point of the chair.
  • Cons:
  • The chair is quite heavy and harmful for the carpet on the floor.
  • It is most suitable for user have low and average weight and height.

So if you are not really tall and heavy, you should try this chair.

  1. DXRacer FE08NB PC Gaming Chairs

If you are sporty and addicted to games, especially action games, the DXRacer FE08NB PC Gaming Chair is the right choice for you. It is designed for gamer who like sportier game such as car or motorbike racing game.

  • Pros:
  • There is a wide range of color and type of this chair for purchaser to choose. Therefore, even if you are a female gamer, there is still a gentle gaming chair to fit with your girly gaming space.
  • DXRacer FE08NB PC Gaming Chair has adjustable parts such as lumbar and pillows to prevent your neck from being ached.
  • The ergonomic design with high and straight backrest makes every user feel comfortable even they are sitting on it for hour and hour.
  • This chair is manufactured following strict and best quality and standards.
  • This chair brand is sponsored by a very famous car brand, BMW, who provides chair purchaser with a plenty of games and events all year round such as WCG, IEM, LCS, WCS, DREAMHACK, UMG and so on.
  • Cons: DX racer chair is a bit harder than other gaming chair.
  1. Boss black leather plus executive chair

Boss office is said to be the best ergonomic leather gaming and office chair producer. Its products always have customers get the greatest experiences on their chair. No matter you are game player, officer or executive, the chair will be a good piece of furniture in your room that makes your room really different in a positive way.

  • Strength:
  • The chair is made of black leather that is useful for you if you often sweat. It is easy to clean and hide the dirt.
  • Again, it is designed ergonomic style and supportive lumbar which prevent you from suffering back pain because you have sat too long on the chair and lacked physical action.
  • Weakness:
  • This chair is not really high so that who is too tall and big might feel it is not comfortable for them.
  • Because it is made of leather which material is less breathable, it will make user feel hot and sweat more.
  • In conclusion, if you are strongly in favor of game but that you sit on the chair long time makes you suffer from back pain, this chair is suitable for you. However, you should consider its drawback carefully before making the final decision whether buy it or not.

Do not choose your gaming chair for trend but depend on your comfort and satisfaction. We always hope you will have the best gaming chair for yourself to enjoy time you spend with your favorite games.

October 20, 2014
by Steven J. Reid



Football is one of the most popular game played all over the world and called the King of Game. Playing football improves your health in many ways but if you understand each position and its role in a team you both get good health and realize your own potential in the position you choose. This article will give a brief view of main position in the foofball game field.

In a football game, there are two teams and each team has eleven players. Surely, in the pitch, they aredevided into four types of player as follows: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward.

  • Goalkeeper is the player standing at the end of the defense between opponent’s offensive line and the goal. His primary role is to defend the goal of his team and prevent the opponent from scoring. Each team has a goalkeeper who is the only one to touch the ball with his hands. If the goalkeeper is forced to leave the pitch owing to injury or disqualification, another one will come to replace even when there is no longer any one to take it over. The goalkeeper has to wear a shirt with different colour with all players of his team, the other team in the fight and the referee.
  • Defender ( or Back) is in position back to Midfielder and about to support the goalkeeper through out the game, also prevent the opponent team if they are going to goal. Usually, there forms three defender types, including centre back, wide back, sweeper or libero. In details, Defeder ( Back ) consists of left back (LB) and right back (RB) and Wide back comprises left wide back (LWB) and right wide back (RWB).
  • Midfielder plays backward the Forward line and forward the Defender line. They are the right players to win the ball from the opponent and impellent attack to shoot the ball up to strikers or score by themselves. During the game, some midfielders have a trend to defense and some move to get the ball and goal. There are four main types of midfielder, ie, defense midfielder, centre midfielder (CM), attack midfielder and wide midfielder including left midfielder (LM) and right midfielder (RM).
  • Forward, abbreviation is FW or CF ( centre forward ). In football games, there has four different forwad positions: centre forward, wide forward ( left forward-LF and right forward-RF ). This is one of the most important position requiring much effort other wise the FW can get injury due to encountering FW of the opponent team. The players as FW usually play near the goal of the opponent, therefore, take responsibility to score.

The four positions above are of most importance in a football team. If you are fully aware of different roles, you can choose one suitable for yourself and take advantage of it during playing football.


Often , during the game the strategic playing map is organized by the main coach of a team. There are five most favoured maps as below: map 4411, map 451, map 532, map 433 and map 442.

  • MODEL 4411

Map 4411 has goalkeeper, 4 defenders including 2 wide backs(LWB and RWB) and 2 centre backs(CB), 1 striker and 1 defensive midfielder (DM).

The DM plays between the defender line and midfielder line of the other team so this player has much more time and space while managing ball than other positions. The DM must be skillfull in keeping ball and have individual technical skills, high speed and good observation. He has to grab every chance to promote the striker, even plays as a real forward.

  • MODEL 451

Map 451 organization comprises goalkeeper, 4 defenders ( 2 WB and 2 CB ), 5 midfielders ( 2 Wide midfielders: LWM and RWM; 3 Centre midfielders: CM ). This map is used in the fight against a skilled team. With 5 midfielders, a team becomes stronger, control the median area easilly and defense safely. If a team chooses this map, they often get high playing spirit but can meet dangerous counteract. That’s why, to manage well in the pitch, the only striker needs to possess brilliant skills and has make a breakthrough in the game.

  • MODEL 532

Map 532 has goalkeeper, 5 defenders ( 2 WD and 3 CB ), 3 midfielders ( 2 WM and 1 CM ) and 2 forwards. This is the best organization for defense and attack balance and getting more and more popular. The 2 forwards have to hook well, move very fast up and down the 2 boundaries and attack continuously. In addition, the two WD are important. They play near each other and move to the mid area to put pressure into the opponent.

  • MODEL 433

This is an attack-trend map.There are goalkeeper, 4 defenders ( 2 WB and 2 CB ), 3 midfielders ( 2 WM and 1 CM ) and 3 forwards ( 2 WF and 1 CF ). The 3 midfielders move and support each other and support the defenders while the 3 forwards spread across the pitch to draw much attention of the opponent toward the goal, strike for a while to distract them from scoring. A football team resorts to using this model only when they are forced to score and win in the game.

  • MODEL 442

The model 442 is in demand in Enland football. It consits of goalkeeper, 4 defenders ( 2 WB and 2 CB ), 4 midfielders ( 2 WM and 2 CM ) and 2 forwards. To get the best result, the 4 midfielders have to keep their distance suitable, run fast to pass the ball toward the 2 forwards to stimulate striking and defense if the opponent team counter back. One out of two centre backs have to stick to and help the FW line. The other is responsible for control common situations in the field.

Here are the most common football team maps in every football game. Everyone can use them for practicing with his own team just to entertain or prepare for a professional tournament. Regardless of any purpose, you can find out the role you are most suited to take, find your own favourite positon and finally play it. Enjoy!




September 30, 2014
by Steven J. Reid


You love football, you love playing football so how much do you understand its inside meaning?” The question sounds difficult to answer but it is so simple, interesting and surprising.

The word FOOTBALL contains 8 letters – 8 secrets equivalent. Each one who plays football should find out these implicit miracles to love it more and play it more.

  • Letter F stands for FITNESS. It can be denied that playing football brings you good health. For those who just play it for fun, they move, run and pass the ball around the field, therefore improve their vigor not alone real players of every football club. Players practice hard with the highest intensity, much more effort and for along time day by day. Experiencing this difficult time, they understand their bodies’ generating, know how to control their breath and balance their own capacity from the start to the end of the match.
  • The first letter O amazingly means OPTIMISTIC. A lot of people can not make sense why it is optimistic due to their short of fully logistic analysis. While you take part in a football tournament, it is great if you win the game but what will happen if you do not? “ After rain comes fair weather” – it is the thought in your mind so losing the game does not the matter. It means that you have learnt to look on bright side as well as to be optimistic.
  • The other letter O signifies OPEN. Football is an outdoor sport and played in the open air. Open air gives you strong mind and feeling fresh while you are playing. In contrast, if you participate in football game in a stifling hall, you have to bear a lot of air types such as: positive air ( cheering air of your fans ) and negative air ( curses from the opponent’s fans or even disappointed breath of yours if you can not score ).
  • The fourth letter: T symbolizes TEAMWORK. Playing football is one of the most popular games teaching you how to work well in a team. There has often 11 players in a football team so how to combine with each other is really significant. There are also 4 main position lines in a field so how to interconnect in a line and with other lines is important, too. That’s why you can learn and improve teamwork skill on your own during playing this sport.
  • More fascinating is the letter B which means BE PATIENT. Not only in playing football is patience necessary. You like it but you can not become a skilled player without working hard for a long time; it can be 1 year, 2 years or even more from the start. So if you are not patient, you will give up or be a trivial player. But if keeping patient is simple to you, being a potential footballer just depends on the time you keep practicing everyday.
  • Letter A here represents ACTIVENESS that is always required in any tournament. A footballer needs to be active to keep the ball, pass the ball, defense, counter back the opponent and score. While you are performing in the pitch, no one can help you and show you how to do that even your main coach so it is up to you and depends on how sensible you are.
  • LEADERSHIP is the meaning of letter L. When a person starts to play with the ball he should know that playing is managing. Firstly, he has to manage his ball, ie, how to kick it, dribble it, pass it and shoot it to the goal. Secondly, controlling his position in the pitch is essential to know exactly what he needs to do in that role. Then he should pay attention to the time to goal to win or to equalizer. But most importantly, caring himself during the game is his own duty. All the things above are called leadership yourselves not to mention being a leader in a team to divide the work for each player.
  • Final letter L is LIFE. Every footballer loves football as much as love his life because he is passionate about it. Or he can learn a lot of life lessons from playing football, communicating with teammates and competing other football teams.

As you can see from above letters, each one has its own meaning and each is a benefit of playing football. When you understand and remember them deep in you mind, make sure that you love it more and play it more.

September 18, 2014
by Steven J. Reid


The olders claimed that keeping our feet strong was the first important rule to help you increase our longevity. Biology experts also said our feet contained neurons much related to our viscera. So your strong feet has a special impact on our bodies’ situation. And the most common way to make feet good is jogging. Jogging is both a type of sports and a way to care for your physical and mental health. To understand deeply about jogging’s benefits, continue reading.

You can see 8 magic advantages of jogging as follows.

  • Jogging is good for our hearts. Recent researches have concluded that if we go jogging for 30 minutes per day, we can reduce the danger of developing metabolic syndrome that consist of a group of the first symtoms causing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and strokes. According to American statistics, there has been about 24 millions American women getting metabolic syndrome because of loss of time for jogging everyday. Another research in England have shown that regular activities including jogging and biking means decreasing 11 percent danger of cardiovascular diseases especially for women.
  • Jogging eliminates the risk of breast cancer. Jogging for only some hours per week significantly helps to remove potential cells that are harmful to their breasts ( claimed by American Medical Association Magazine ). Likewise, we can keep fit and promote producing estrogen. Results of the study on 74 thousands women in menopause ( at the age of 50 – 79 ) in normal body condition says that the risk of breast cancer can be down by 30 percent. Some studies on younger ladies also claim similarly.
  • Jogging helps sleep better. Go jogging in the afternoon is able to bring you better and deeper sleep ( recommended by International Sleep Organization ). In addition, a lot of people say that jogging increases hormone serotonin, therefore, help to relax more. However, you should not go jogging 2 hours before you go to sleep because it is too late for your bodies to rest back.
  • Jogging diminishes bodies’ aches. Scientists suggest jogging for release stress and aches especially the Chiwalking ( combining the Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates – a type of gymnastic flexing. As you can see, we are all aware of relaxing because it makes our bodies balanced ( our arms and legs are free, not pressured as when we work) and the result is aches goes down. The Chiwalking is becoming more and more popular in American now.
  • Jogging makes you happy. “ Really? ”. Many people are surprised to hear that and you may not believe in it but it is proved by the top scientists and it’s true. Only by jogging for 30 minutes per day, your mood turns gradually from unhappy to happy and happier. It can lessen your worry, stress and disappointment. We can learn from the research of American Texas University that only by spending 90 minutes dividing into 5 parts per week, you can be in the best mood. Why? It’s simple. Since you bodies can produce endorphin – a type of chemicals helps to better your emotion and you will feel more optimistic.
  • Jogging can bring down our bodies’ weight. Go jogging for 30 minutes per day is able to avoid weight gain in the sedentary – nature people. Besides, if women jog for 1 hour per day and 5 times per week, they can consume 1500 calories per day and lose about 11 kilograms excess per year. We can surely conclude that jogging is controlling your weight.
  • Jogging keeps memories in the elderly. Jogging for only 45 minutes per week for the elderly helps them avoid Alzheimer disease. Walking or strolling as usual even means that our brains are working and becoming lucid.
  • Jogging protects our bones. Jogging for 30 minutes per day, 3 times per week is the best way to do exercise for your bones. As it is like a real exercise when you go jogging, it requires us use 95 percent of musculature and this process, in fact stimulates and make your bones stronger and solider.

In addition to 8 magic benefits mentioned above, jogging can help you more such as reducing bad cholesterol inside our bodies, strengthening and shaping our legs, lowering the blood pressure…. and so on.

So now you have got to know more about jogging and you have one more way to better your health, to relax and also to entertain. Jogging is not only suitable for women and the elderly but also for all people who would like to be stronger, healthier and happier. However, you have to notice that jogging does not mean you walk to work or run but to jog in a good mood and comfortable condition because jogging is also a type of sports. From now on, start to jog everyday, just 30 minutes per day and jog 5 times per week!



September 9, 2014
by Steven J. Reid


Usually, we start to follow a jogging schedule in   good condition without consulting in any doctor. However, if you catch high blood pressure or diabete, it’s better to listen to doctors’s advice. This means that to avoid negative impact of “wrong jogging”, we should ask some conslutants to have a suitable plan for your own. Here are some notes you’d better pay attention to in order for your jogging plan.


Jogging does not require complex or cumbrous tools or accessories but you should at least equip yourself first with a pair of sport shoes only for jogging. Standard shoes are remarkable durable, have anti-slip soles and soft heel to avoid foot pain. Furthermore, if you go jogging in the early morning or evening, a coat and hat are really in need to keep your body warm.


Right position will lead to the best results. Relax your shoulders, keep the spine straight and put your chin slightly forward but not fall your head back. Your heels have to always touch the ground first in order that your weight slides from the heels to the tips of the feet. Bend your elbows about 90 degree and swing your arms comfortably front and back. Avoid holding your 2 hands too tight.

You need to walk slowly for the first 5 minutes and the last 5 ones. Slow walking helps your nervous system and cardiovascular adapt to changing condition of your body while turning moving into static or vice versa to avoid bad effects that may be caused. Likewise, experts also advise us to warm up our bodies before walking as well as snafflebit after finish by do some small exercises.


Choosing suitable time to go jogging and trying to keep following the shedule are of importance to bring you healthy body. Whenever you have a detailed plan and timetable it is essential to carry it out seriously. If you miss any walks for any reason, continue as you have just start it.


Jogging in group sounds very interesting because all of you have something in common, ie, jogging. Your teammates are the right people to stimulate your following the plan whenever you are a bit lazy. The more the merrier. So you should have a big group to practice together to get more joys.

That’s it. Just add some more new things in your jogging plan, you will get better results even after a short time. Build your own timetable and follow it, there is no doubt that you have a healthier and happier life.

August 26, 2014
by Steven J. Reid


Nowadays, football is so favoured that a great number of people start to play it regardless of age and gender. For those who are beginers, it is essential to get to know and understand basic steps as well as elementary lessons to play football well from the start. Usually, there have 5 basic lessons as mentioned below.


Shooting the ball strongly needs 2 factors:

  1. Good thigh and knee

To keep the thigh and knee healthy is not easy by natural way. It requires you do exercies hard and practice with high intensity. All professional players often do exercises with rubber bands and dumbbells but if you don not have full tools like that you can practice skipping or poping up and down a step of the stairs. You must continue working hard to get your expected results because it is not simple to practice everyday like this.

  1. Technique

When from your thigh to your knee is good, you still need the following techniques.

Firstly, your main leg should be put horizontal as far as 20 cm from the ball. When you are practicing, it is the best to put the leg in right position, not higher or lower than the ball.

Secondly, your shoot action must be done decisively. You stand 2 – 3 metres and them run faster and faster gradually until your feet touch the ground horizontal to the ball and you reach your highest speed. Your main leg has to be properly positioned and overlap slightly down. When you shoot the ball, relax the leg till it touches the ball , then keep the leg neck stiff for a while.


There are 3 foundamental techniques, ie, kicking, pass, dribbling the ball.

  1. Kicking the ball is very important as it helps your leg stronger and solider. Kicking with both legs makes them equal. The most people say that good kicking skill leads to well controling because they can guess the ball passing line easily.
  1. Passing the ball: before the time of the game, players should practice passing the ball with each other to get the familiar feeling.
  2. Dribbling the ball: if you practice by yourself, you had better dribble around the field and to some different directions and change the dribbling leg.


Patting is forced to be used in case you can not dribble the ball. The player who keeps the ball must shoot the ball exactly to the player who bocks the opponent’s attack and quickly move. The player that has received the ball can pass it back to the former player or another one. The player who pats has to pass the ball to right player and immediately move.


Pretending to shoot is one of the most professional skill which is often used by skilled players. When seeing the opponent pretend to shoot, every player raises the leg or turnsback straight to the opponent so you can distract some opponent players from defense and scoring.


Releasing the ball is quite difficult as it includes a lot of small complicated steps combining covering, catching and releasing the ball. To master this skill, it can take you much time, require concentration and flexibility.

These useful lessons will help starters play with the ball easier and more effective. To some extents, we ought to learn from the foundation of this sport to understand every detail of every step and then can master every skill from basic to advance.